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The Many Benefits of Playing Tennis by James Clooney

As an active member of the United States Tennis Association, James Clooney has experienced firsthand the numerous benefits playing tennis has to offer. Below, he offers just a few:

1. Tennis is an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise, which is important for maintaining a healthy weight and warding off the harmful effects of heart disease.

2. Tennis can help to eliminate stress, an excess of which negatively impacts both mental and physical health.

3. Playing tennis can help to develop better hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills.

4. Tennis is a sport that one can continue to play even as one ages. Doing so can slow the effects of the aging process and provide a means of social activity.

5. According to Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger of the Harvard University School of Public Health, playing tennis three hours per week at a moderately vigorous intensity level can cut the risk of premature death in half.

6. The alertness and strategic thought process required to outplay a tennis opponent can result in continuous brain development throughout life.

About the Author: A nationally ranked senior tennis player, James Clooney attended St. John’s University on a four-year tennis scholarship. Mr. Clooney is the Principal of Total Solutions Advisors.

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