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The Edwin Gould Foundation, By James Clooney

August 14, 2012 Leave a comment

A nonprofit organization based in New York City, the Edwin Gould Foundation has been helping youth from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1885. Edwin Gould, a successful entrepreneur and member of one of the country’s wealthiest families, began a charity that eventually became the Edwin Gould Foundation. He founded his organization after his son died in a hunting accident and hoped that it would encourage young people to achieve to their highest abilities. The foundation began its work with youth boarding houses, summer camps, vocational training programs, and health-care facilities in the greater New York City area.

Today, the Edwin Gould Foundation provides funding and support to organizations such as New York City Outward Bound, Teach for America, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, and Citizen Schools NYC. Another initiative is the Edwin Gould Academy, which offers educational programs, housing, and after-care services to youth who have outgrown the foster care and juvenile justice systems. The foundation continues to rely on the support of philanthropists to achieve its mission of serving young people in difficult situations.

As President of Total Solutions Advisors, James Clooney provides marketing services to consumer-finance and real-estates businesses. Mr. Clooney supports the Edwin Gould Foundation.